Anna McCarthy

“Flat no.1”

05.02. – 03.03.12
Niklas Schechinger Fine Art

  • bedroom
  • bedroom
  • bedroom
  • toilet
  • dining room
  • renovation room
  • living room
  • living room
  • kitchen
    mixed media
  • hall
  • UNHAPPY MAP (detail)
    ink on map
  • bathroom

Dear Ladies und Gentlemen,

I hereby warmly invite you to the solo show of the British artist
Anna McCarthy, ‘Flat no.1’.
Anna McCarthy divides the gallery into living spaces. Within the ‘flat’ (pun intended), art becomes an everyday object and fraternises with the pot or the lampshade.
The tablecloth fits well to the picture. Looks good this next to that, don’t you think ?
The artist sees the flat as a space, in which fiction and reality overlap.
Order and chaos alongside each other; the bold and the revealing subjectivity of layers (be it dirt or memories) conserve boredom, freedom, poverty or dreams behind glass; in a passepartout or in the dust and dirt of this and that.
Anna McCarthy mixes work, everyday life and art in her multidisciplinary activities – whether it be when directing a play (“Ich dachte man darf alles”, 2011) or making films, in her installations, drawings or photos – she always incorporates figures from her everyday life.
The documentary form is exaggerated, romanticised, mixed with the fictive and often depicts – with a healthy dose of black humour – people who are bored, decadent, trapped in the past, struggling with everyday life and hopelessly looking for trouble.
No ? Oh yes.

Niklas Schechinger